Friday, 17 December 2010

New York Times 1903 Cuba and the Indians

In this long, well researched and interesting article published in 1903 under the title Cuba Past and Present, the history of spanish colonization and the gradual disappearance of the Indians of Cuba is documented. In fact the sub heading is: No member of the Race which greeted Columbus can be found in the island.
If there were no Indians in Cuba in 1903 where did they suddenly appear from in 1983 when Cuban born European researchers from Camaguey living in the USA and Mulattos raised in Puerto Rico and New York began "researching" the Indians in Cuba with local cultural prostitutes or jinateros?
Why dont these people come to Cuba and meet up with the Ministry of Culture and present their case for the presence of the Indians in Cuba and solve this questions once and for all? The current minister of Culture in Cuba is Mr Abel Prieto a well educated and well traveled Cuban with an extremely open mind and I am sure he will be willing to listen to these New Indians.
I shall wait to hear of such a meeting so that I can myself correct my understanding or confirm it.