Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mediator Benfluorex FenFluoramine hits the Dust

Yet another miracle drug hits the dust..
after multiple warnings from the watchdogs, the final study by the epidemiologists from Villejuif hospital has confirmed that around 2000 people in France have died after taking the medication, Mediator..
This particular drug had been banned in the USA but the French kept them on despite mounting evidence of deaths and the doctors continued to prescribe them.
I wonder why two such pharamaceutically advanced countries differ from each other: Avandia is banned in France but allowed to be prescribed in the USA.. in general USA seems to have a more publicized approach to the drugs..
In any case, one by one many of the new touted miracle drugs are getting the exit sign..perhaps it is like describing all the beaches in every country as Paradise on earth, there are just few outstanding beaches... there are drugs which are extraordinary such as Aspirin and the concocted ones which treat an array of symptoms and some people get better. Most of the Oral Anti Diabetes drugs and including injectable drugs such as Byetta (but not insulin ) fall into this category.. In the end, what is new may not be the best, what is tried and proven may be.. such as Insulin introduced 70+ years ago and Aspirin introduced in the 19th century? French scientist Gerhardt 1853!