Monday, 29 November 2010

Society, Poverty and Sickness.... too long a list but neglected by Doctors

In a recent article out of Canada, they found out that age at menarche varied according to the socioeconomic status: poorer children had their first menstruation earlier and absence of father was also a cause.
When we talk about Poverty and diseases of Civilization, we are mainly talking about the West and wannabee West countries like Malaysia and Singapour.. It is well known that degenerative diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension affect the poor more than the rich. Epidemiologists have done disservice to the public and the propagation of Health in general by perfecting their tools to find the answer they want. That is why currently up to 90 per cent of the scientific articles have to be scrutinized for truth because most of them have assumed false circumstances and thus produce false results. Few years ago they found out that taking calcium supplements are useless in preventing osteoporotic fractures that is before we found out that almost every one living in the west is low in Vitamin D and thus lacking an absorption mechanism for Calcium.
I have always maintained that Cholesterol is a marker of Inflammation in the body and that Statins the expensive medications that do bring the levels of cholesterol have also an antiinflammatory effects but we dont hear about new anti inflammatory drugs since there is profit in statin medications. there is a lawsuit pending against Pfizer the manufacturer of anti cholesterol medication Lipitor for falsifying some tabulative procedures by bribing the researchers and national organizations... oh what a world we are living in.. surrounded by vultures feeding on the carrions..
when I began my work with American Indians, truly one of the last of the colonized people on the earth, many elders got up to speak at a Prevention of Diabetes symposium at their Lakota Reservation.. Give us Jobs, that would take care of Diabetes the elders intoned.. and you can look at the employment figures and diabetes rates all through the Indian Country, one of the best is the example given in the book Diabetes: The Sugar coated Crisis by that tireless crusader, David Spero, two bands of the Cuahuilla nation, the Morongo and the Torres-Martinez. The latter has four times the rate of Diabetes than the former who is fairly well off due to a well run Casino in their Reservation.. Most everyone working with the First Nations know of the Epidemiological Hijacking of the Pima Nation of the USA and very little attention paid to the fact that their relatives the Pima of Mexico suffer from much less (incredibly much less) of the Diabetes and other metabolic disorders which the researchers have made them famous for.
Suffering among human beings cannot be objectified to certain physiological phenomenon. Whenever you see fantastic claims of a medical breakthrough or a magic of a single nutritional ingredient, be skeptical.
In this world of human exploitation, be very cynical about its messengers who are now Professors at Medical Schools in USA and their lackeys in UK and Australia. If they are pushing drugs, that is what they are: Drug pushers. and there are many who have made a name for themselves while harming immense number of women, by trying to make Menopause a disease and let us hope that we wont allow them to do the same by making Menarche a disease by objectifying it into physiology without taking into consideration the social and economic impacts.