Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Generational Trauma, Exile, Desperation, Marginalization as causes of Diabetes
Sudah Yehuda Kovesh Shaheb
M.D, M.Sc, M.S
Visiting Professor of Medical Anthropology, University of Havana, Department of Philosophy, La Habana, Cuba
Consultant Endocrinologist to various Indian tribes in the USA.
The often stressed paradigm, based firmly on the biomedical model of body as a machine, uses terminology to blame the indigenous peoples and the peoples of emergent economies for their increasing rates of suffering from Diabetes.
I would like to demonstrate, with various examples from around the world that trauma, exile, oppression, alienation lay at the roots of the endemic Diabetes, which is only a symptomatic representation in the body of the sufferer, of spiritual disruption, marginalization and poverty. The solution, treatment and especially prevention of this epidemic should focus on the root causes, rather than the eradication or hiding symptoms, this reflected in the lack of successful national diabetes programmes in richer countries such as USA, UK or Australia, where rates of Diabetes continue to soar despite latest technology, increasing number of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Nutritionists and Educators, and increasing amount of money spent on Diabetes.
Models, with practical advice to translate culturally relevant tools to comprehend social illnesses and their treatment in community and clinical settings will be alluded to, such as the successful programme of prevention of obesity among the indigenous children among some Plains Indian tribes.

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