Thursday, 24 June 2010

Review on the Book Introduction to Medical Antrhopology

Yesterday I began reading the book, introdution to medical Anthropology by Merrill Singer and Hans Baer
really it is a self aggrandizing, apologetic for their faults and lack of effect. among the three tasks of the book, the first one mentioned was that they are not just ivory tower academics but actually doing something..
the book is not intended for doctors or medical students but other students who would follow their foot steps and set up academic departments and vow to change the world and have absolutely very little effect upon what is happening.
it reminded me very much like the boast of a criminal lawyer in Miami: It is because of us that USA has such a good medical care..
and I feel these authors who are not medical doctors saying..It is because of medical anthropologists things are changing..
reluctantly they mention Arthur Kleinman and Paul Farmer and no mention of Cecil Helman whose book is used in over 60 universities among medical and nursing students...
I put down the book, very dissatisfied and said to myself:
One Paul Farmer is worth ten of these guys..