Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Origins of Obesity
While I was at The Indian Clinic today, a four day old baby was being proudly paraded around. His 17 year old mother and the beaming grandmother, were not the least concerned about the fact that he was 10 lb 9 oz, ie nearly 5 kilograms in weight at birth.
Gestational Diabetes causes babies to be large, and this young mother didn’t look obese or had GDM.
What could make this baby so big?
The probable answer came to me, within minutes when she began feeding him. It would have given me such great pleasure to see this four day infant sucking at her mothers breast, no, it was not to be.
Out came, a standard issue plastic bottle (possibly with BPA) and formula milk. Infamil, which had been given to her. Palm Oil for sure, if not Corn Syrup..
If the mother’s nutritional knowledge should be gauged by the food she is feeding her infant, what did she eat during her pregnancy. During my next visit I will do a good history of this, but I have no doubt that she was filling herself with Government issued food and food coupons..
I am more and more convinced that the Obesity epidemic in America and the one that is traveling around the Globalized world is due to the overdose of chemicals found in various food, and the increased consumption of such food.
Japanese live longer, they are not obese and they are very faithful to the way of their ancestors in their food. Those who eat McDo and KFC ..are the ones who are becoming Overweight and Obese.
In Malaysia, which has the distinction of being the Fattest country in Asia, KFC, McDo, Wendy’s etc are the favourites of the Yuppie Malaysians.. and on the road there are Dunkin Donuts to be easily had.. what happened to Nasi Lemak? And they blame it on innocent Te Tahrek for their increasing obesity. This is knowledge without context. They blame sugar but sugar is not the culprit but sugar substitutes are ..Sugar additives are…
In 2025, India would be the most populous nation on earth, with it they would also carry the distinction of Diabetes Capital of the World. The Yuppies of India, would like to be seen at the local Starbucks sipping Frappuchinos, paying it with their easily earned “bucks”( imported slang for the revered Rupee!)
Last August, I mourned when I saw a poster in Phnom Penh announcing the first ever KFC in that country. KFC and McDo and their compatriots would prolong the suffering on that country which suffered so much under another ideology of Khmer Rouge..

While in the west people are drinking organic tea with brown sugar, carefully choosing not to eat chemically laden food, corn syrup and its products as well as palm or palm kernel oil and partially hydrogenated oils of any type.. the East is succumbing to blind copying of the superficial western attire.. I warn them, behind your “bucks” and fake Armani shirts, you have the bodies of your ancestors.. so eat like they used to… otherwise .. it certainly be Death for the wrong reason…