Wednesday, 4 November 2009

American Indians, Insulin Levels and Fabricated Foods

Indians are hyperinsulinaemic, have greater hyperinsulinaemic responses to food and keep their blood sugars in constant range even while they are becoming obese. So it is not uncommon to see, obese Indians with hyperinsulinemia and absolutely normal blood sugars.

Palm oil makes this condition worse by increasing hyperinsulinaemia, and keep the blood glucose levels in the normal range, while increasing obesity in the average person (laboratory studies)

We are looking for a reason why a group of people who were all thin, have all become overweight. There has to be something in their metabolism that didn’t agree with the environmental changes that made them all overweight. The finger points to ingredients in the food( palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenation of fat etc) rather than the composition of food ( Carbs/fat/protein).

When my Meskwakia teacer said to me, it is the free food that the govt gave us that brought us sickness, I didn’t understand what she meant. Now many years later, as majority of the Americans are also fed fabricated and false foods and becoming obese and diabetic, I hear the prophetic voice of my Indian teacher..

These thoughts occurred to me while I was reading the following:

High-fat diet-induced hyperglycemia and obesity in mice: differential effects of dietary oils.

Ikemoto S, Takahashi M, Tsunoda N, Maruyama K, Itakura H, Ezaki O.

Division of Clinical Nutrition, National Institute of Health and Nutrition, Tokyo, Japan.

These data indicate that (1) fasting blood insulin levels vary among fat subtypes, and a higher fasting blood insulin level in palm oil-fed mice may explain their better glycemic control irrespective of their marked obesity; (2) a favorable glucose response induced by fish oil feeding may be mediated by a decrease of body weight; and (3) obesity and a higher intake of linoleic acid are independent risk factors for dysregulation of glucose tolerance.