Sunday, 4 October 2009

When to drink this poison?

it has been a while since I had drank coca-cola ( I must have been healthy?) btu this morning at Charles de Gaulle Airport- I had, not one, but three cans of Coca Cola.
Why? Because I was sick!
Doctor and Traveller, I am naturally immune to a whole host of voluntary , non voluntary immunizations: Influenza, Pnuemococcus and Hepatitis of various varieties etc..It has been a while since I have had symptoms of Flu, which used to be an accompaniment, an occupational hazard on long distance flying to Japan.
There is no vaccine against food poisoning, since a a variety of bugs cause the symptoms, depending upon the country. Yesterday, at a boulangerie, in a Paris suburb, I ate a 2 tier pita sandwich filled with avacado, cream and what tasted as crab (artificial?)
The result was almost immediate. I have the appropriate medications to stop the symptoms, but I was worried about the nine hour flight to New York.
At CDG, I drank three cans of coca-cola( regular ) within an hour and half.. so reluctantly at first to overcome the psychological hatred for this drink..Soon after the first one, the rumblings of the stomach had ceased.
This is the only time I wished, the Airlines wouldnt upgrade me, since it would be a crime to waste the good food and wine. I preferred the Economy Class where suffering is made much easier-not too much food or service, which is beneficial in a case like mine. Today.
Moral of the story is this: coca-cola is more poisonous than the poisons that give you food poisoning and coca cola can be used as an urgent/emergency measure like a snake anti-venom.
No healthy person should drink Coca-Cola Regular or Light or Diet or whatever or any other soft drink for that matter manufactured in any country.. even though not all coca cola are the same, the ones in Venezuela are still made with sugar I think, Mexico shifted from Sugar to High Fructose Corn syrup after USA took them to International Court and won over Trade practices.. Also the phosphorus added to create the bubbly feeling in your mouth sucks out the calcium in an already depressed calcium millieu of the western diet and leeches the necessary calcium from the bones, I have seen young women with osteoporosis caused by drinking litres of soft drink, Needless to say these things also cause Diabetes when drunk in large amounts regularly..
I wrote this as I was about to arrive in the land that concocts Coca Cola, hoping that i wont have any need to drink that poison!!
It is paradoxical that I got food poisoning in Europe, just few days before I was in Malaysia and indulged in delicious food (food and not fabricated rubbish) to my hearts content without any untoward health problems ..
In Cuba, for most people, a soft drink is usually a Treat since it is not available readily for most of the population and children consider a sip of Tropicola, which used to be made with cane sugar but now with artificial sweeteners, a rare treat..