Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Eat Food, Not what is passed off as Food

I am more than ever convinced that eating FOOD is the essential element of Health, rather than watching Carbohydrates and Calories, Fats and portions.. I decided to do a 24 hour check on blood sugar on myself while eating liberally in Paris without ocnsideration of Carbohydrates, Fats or calories. the only condition, the one I always have imposed upon myself, please make the food as FOOD as possible: not ingredients and macro and micro nutrients that I cant even pronounce.
in a matter of about 24 hours I have had: Breton crepes made of wheat with tuna fish and salad, and another one with sugar. another meal was grilled salmon at a korean restaurant with korean side dishes; lebanese food with various dishes, all vegetarian. The breakfast was two eggs with bell pepper, onions and tomato.. coffee with sugar, many cups of mint tea with sugar and two glasses of a nice sauvignon blanc from Chile.. at least six cups of coffee (Nespresso, what else?) with two teaspoons of sugar...
The blood sugar has been in the range of 83 mg/dl to a high of 114 post prandially. I have noticed that when i go to the USA, my postprandial blood sugar does increase. I know that most of the food I had very little preservatives. One hour after eating: salmon with Gravlox and two pieces of Conte cheese on a piece of Baguette, 7 pieces of shrimp pastries, two glasses of wine, two glasses of fruit juice.. my blood sugar was 103 mg/dl.

We have to become our own nutritionists, if we depend upon others, they will take us up the wrong path! I am hoping that we can have peer educators in Nutrition among the Indians in North America so that we no longer help from university educated nutritionists, whose help has not reduced Obesity or the incidence of Diabetes, nor has it helped any one diabetic have better control of his blood sugar..

To Each his or her own!