Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fructose and Gout

Fructose and Gout

In 1970, Prof (now emeritus) Fiorenzo Stirpe of Univesity of Bologna in Italy wrote a letter to The Lancet, the medical journal published in London, England, informing them that the administration of Fructose ( the sugar of the fruit, also 50% of the white sugar) brings about an elevation of Uric Acid.

A low Fructose diet (no sugar, no sweets, limited fruit) benefitted the patients (who had Gout). All of us are taught in the medical school that it is the Purines ( such as barley in Beer, spirits) that raises the risk of gout.

A large survey of 50 000 men were followed up for 10 years. In this study men who had two or more sweet drinks had an incidence of gout almost double than the other men.

So, if you have Gout, perhaps you might want to consider abstention from Fructose- limit the fruit intake except Grapes which contain Glucose.

In 1970s we did not have High Fructose Corn Syrup. Now it is ubiquitous. If Fructose can cause Gout, so can HFCS..

In a huge study of 46,393 male health professionals in Canada, a survey was carried out and then they were followed every four years for 12 years. Over that time, 755 men developed Gout.

Compared with men who almost never drank sugar-sweetened soft drinks -- fewer than one per month -- frequent soft-drink drinkers were significantly more likely to suffer gout:

· Two or more soft drinks each day upped gout risk by 85%.

· One soft drink each day upped gout risk by 45%.

· Five or six soft drinks each week upped gout risk by 29%.

HFCS sweet drinks raise the Gout risk by 35 %, more than twice the risk run by 2-4 spirit drinkers per day!

Soft drinks can certainly increase the risk of Diabetes.. and Gout.. in fact one by one, all the Diseases of Western Civilization the so called Western Diseases would be shown to be caused by Artificial and Processed Material which is sold as Food.. so eat Food when you can, and not something that passes for food…