Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dancing for your supper

Dancing for your Supper

Is an age old expression, that you must spend some energy to collect the food that you are eating. A century ago, when this was the norm, there was no obesity anywhere in the world. When the indigenous peoples, used to hunting and gathering, were caged into reservation, their free walking activities were curtailed, soon metabolic alterations were to continue.

I walk all the time, at work, at home I am always doing something or other, this is true. Free living human beings in the West walk on the average about 7 miles per day, about and as food becomes available the walking distance decreases by about 3.5 miles per day and in these people, obesity and fat accumulation occurs. This is accelerated by overfeeding.

Thus metabolic alterations are in the continuum of


Walking to get water

Walking to get your food

And the availability of food was adequate

Agricultural people had no feast or famine, in general

Hunters and gatherers did

Overfeeding, on a constant basis, led to a deficit in walking

And increased sitting


So on the average about 2 hours of walking was lost

In some parts of Africa, 5 hours of walking is necessary to get water

Cuna Indian women have to row about five hours per day to get water and food

So SEDENTARY lifestyle means a CHANGE in your lifestyle

Overfeeding forces you to slow down a little bit

Overweight forces you to slow down a bit

Both the above, decreases the velocity of walking, since lean people do walk faster and longer.


What was the 2 hours replaced with?

Work? Tension?

Fast Pace of Life, no time

All increasing stress hormones




Stressful life


Are possibly the fundamental blocks in the making of a healthy body


More walking

Less Eating

Less Stressful Life


Less walking

More eating

More stress in life


The choice is yours..